How to replace a phone number, protection methods

Caller ID Spoofing is a technology that allows scammers to change the phone number that appears on the caller's display. They can send fake phone numbers to make you think the call is coming from a legitimate source. This is done with the help of special programs and equipment that change the information transmitted through the communication network.

The purpose of the substitution

Подмена телефонного номераFraudsters can use this technology for a variety of purposes, such as tricking you into gaining access to your personal information or money. They may pretend to be representatives of banks, government agencies, or other organizations in order to get your confidential information. More scams in our article on popular scams. An ordinary user will also be able to have fun with jokes and pranks for fame.

Number spoofing can be especially dangerous for businesses, as scammers can pretend to be company representatives and gain access to information or funds.

At the same time, only the call is faked, sending SMS from such a number is not possible.

Using phone number spoofing

1. To choose a phone number substitution service that satisfies its tariff conditions and subscription fee, it is worth considering that such a service is not cheap and is prohibited in a number of countries. Also, you can stumble upon very well-made scam projects, for example, Verte Telecom, which made a splash in 2020, has now completely disappeared from view.
2. Entering false data such as phone number and caller name into the program. Data is often allowed to enter any, whether it is a short number 900 or a civil servant's cell phone. YouTube's pranks of politicians are based on this, although the use of this technology is already in conjunction with voice change programs.
3. Transmission of false data through the communication network. The process is taken over by the cellular service you have chosen. This is possible thanks to the SIP Internet telephony protocol, which was originally intended for good purposes, but as a result is used for cold calls, debt collection by collectors, scammers and other evil spirits.
4. Displaying false data on the caller display. The ultimate goal of all stages is defined here, the subscriber has no way to understand whether the real phone number is displayed or not.

Number spoofing protection

To protect yourself from Caller ID Spoofing, it is recommended that you be careful not to reveal personal information over the phone. If you suspect that the phone call is not legitimate, it is better to hang up and call back the interlocutor or the official number of the organization. The scammer does not have the opportunity to receive a call to a fake phone number and you will get through to a legitimate subscriber. Always adhere to the rules of communication on the phone.

In this case, it is not possible to independently find out the phone number of the scammer who called, you can resort to the help of law enforcement officers, but even here you can not expect much success, because the cellular communication service used for fraudulent purposes may not be registered in the Russian Federation. But even in the case of concessions from the communication service, the fraudster's phone number can simply be bought in the transition.

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