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Что такое Fingeprint?

A fingerprint is a unique fingerprint of a users browser used by advertising services to display ads tailored to your preferences and needs.

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+79187666509 | Type - Cell phone | Region - Ставропольский край | Mobile operator - МТС | Country - Россия +79960715300 | Type - Cell phone | Region - Новосибирская область | Mobile operator - Yota | Country - Россия +79818339852 | Type - Cell phone | Region - Санкт-Петербург | Mobile operator - МТС | Country - Россия +79227514281 | Type - Cell phone | Region - Челябинская область | Mobile operator - Мегафон | Country - Россия +37258257613 | Type - Cell phone | Region - Эстония | Mobile operator - Tele 2 | Country - Эстония
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