How to punch a phone number yourself

Самостоятельный поиск информации по номеру телефонаSometimes it is necessary to find out who owns a phone number, for example, when selling valuables on the Internet or before an important meeting. At the same time, breaking through the numbers can be illegal and threaten with criminal liability, with a real term. Bank employees or telecom operators who use client bases for this usually do not stay at their workplace and leave for places not so remote (statistics are getting higher with each). But there are also legal ways to punch a number that will not be punished by law.

Legal and safe methods to find the owner of a phone number

The methods are free and easy, it will not be difficult for an ordinary user to use them to search for information, please note that their use will not lead to any consequences.

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Поиск номера в поисковикеFind in a search engine

To check phone number information in search engines, you can enter the phone number in the search bar and click the "search" button. Some examples of search queries:

- +7 999 123 45 67
- 8 (495) 123-45-67
- 555-555-5555

After clicking the "search" button, results will appear, which may contain information about the owner of the phone number, as well as location, user reviews, etc. However, it is not always reliable.

Поиск в мессенджерах и социальных сетяхFind in messengers

In order to find out if a phone number is registered in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, you need to install the corresponding application on your smartphone and register in it using this phone number. If the number is already registered in the application, then when you try to register again, the system will display a message about this.

Find in social network

For this search, an algorithm similar to the method mentioned above is used, which allows you to find out the fact of registering a phone in a social network, and in some cases its full name and other additional information. Sequencing:

1. Open the page of the social network that interests you.
2. Click on the button "Forgot your password?" or "Login".
3. Enter the phone number and click the "Next" button.
4. If the phone number is registered on a social network, the system will prompt you to reset your password or sign in.

Request to the mobile operator

A request for information about the owner of a phone number can be submitted to a mobile operator through its official website, in your personal account or by contacting the office. Usually, obtaining such information requires providing documents proving your identity and justifying the reason for the request (for example, to investigate fraud or violation of the law). It is important to remember that such requests may be limited by law and privacy regulations, so it is not always possible to obtain information about the owner of a phone number. An example of a statement wording:

Dear Cellular Operator,

I am writing to you with a request to transfer information about the owner of the phone number [telephone], who constantly calls me and sends messages. I don't know who he is, but I need to identify him in order to take the necessary action.
In this regard, I ask you to provide me with information about the owner of the phone number that is registered in your network. I provide you with my contact phone number and any other information necessary to identify me.
I understand that you may have restrictions on providing such information, but I hope for your understanding and assistance in this matter.


[Your name and contact phone number]

СБПSberbank number owner

This method does not depend on the bank, its important detail is whether the owner of the phone number has activated the fast payment system (FPS), at best, you will find out his first and last name (approx. FPS should also be activated for you). Search procedure:

1. Enter the bank application and select transfer by phone number;
2. Enter the phone number you are interested in, if the number is connected to the SBP, banks used by this phone number will appear, you can choose any bank;
3. Already at the second stage, the information we are interested in may appear, if this did not happen, enter 1 conventional unit in the transfer amount and click next. The user information will appear in the window. Success!

Contact the police

In case of threats, blackmail, theft of personal data or funds, distribution of pornography and suspicion of any other criminal activity, you can safely contact the police with a statement. It's not the fastest way, but it's effective. For this, as well as in the case of a mobile operator, you must write an application. If the reason is sufficient, the police will open a case, but it is not a fact that the identity of the person will be revealed to you. Application example:

Dear police officers!

I, [Name], am writing to you with a request to identify the owner of the phone number [phone number] that is the source of unsolicited calls and messages.
I would like to receive information about the owner of this phone number, as his actions cause me concern and violate my privacy. I ask you to check and find out who is the owner of this phone number.
As an attachment to this application, I am providing copies of all messages, calls, and other evidence that may help identify the owner of the phone number.
I am ready to provide additional information and cooperate with the police to resolve this issue.

Sincerely, [name]

Illegal penetration methods

The following ways to find the owner of a phone number are illegal and dangerous. The administration does not call for the use of them, moreover, DO NOT USE THEM, you will violate the current legislation! The following methods are listed for general development only.

Социальный опросCall under the guise of a social survey

The method will reveal your phone number, but in exchange for this, you will know the owner of the required phone number. Call and introduce yourself with the social question "About dependence on tobacco products" (for example). You can also promise to pay for its passage. Come up with a couple of questions for persuasiveness, and at the end of which ask for the data you need.

Replenishment of the account in the mobile phone shop

In the communication salon, ask to top up your account, in the process, in between times, find out the name of the recipient (in order to make sure that the number is entered correctly). The manager, if you're lucky, will call your full name without hesitation, otherwise, you can always walk to another salon.

База номеровPurchase of base of numbers

There are many databases sold on the net, merged, collected or resold, the difference is not great. They contain information about the owners of numbers, up to passport data. Such bases are expensive and often very old, resold several times, so do not think that you will be the sole owner. A huge minus: it is not a fact that the phone number you are interested in will be in the database, they are usually used for spam and mailings and are aimed at a specific topic (cars, cooking, etc.), so they are practically useless. Also, it is very difficult to find an honest seller who does not throw money after transferring funds, here you need to be especially careful.

Частный детективUsing a private detective

Using the services of private detectives online is not worth it, it can be illegal and dangerous. Many of these detectives may break the law by using illegal methods to obtain information. In addition, they may use the information obtained for blackmail or other illegal purposes. When meeting with scammers, at best, you will be deceived immediately after the transfer of money, at worst, they will continue to “milk”.

If you are lucky and you find a real detective, then determining the owner of the phone number, its location, linked bank accounts, registration and other information will not be a problem for him. All this can be pulled out in a couple of hours, by inquiries to the relevant authorities, but again, the activity is not legal and expensive. Usually, the listed information is optional, you choose and pay only for what you need, but the price tag remains high.

Check your phone number

Now that you know the basic methods for finding information on the required phone number, I suggest you check your number, relatives and friends. Find out how vulnerable you are!

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