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In their schemes, scammers have begun to increasingly resort to substituting a phone number, we are analyzing the possibility of such an attack and methods of protection
Free and easy methods, it will not be difficult for an ordinary user to use them to search for information, please note that their use will not lead to any consequences.
Why are people afraid to say the word "YES" on the phone? The reason is in telephone scammers who lure out the word "yes" and use it for their own purposes.
You need to correctly answer unfamiliar calls so as not to become a victim of fraud or identity theft. Proper behavior when receiving unfamiliar calls will help protect you from potential threats and protect your personal information.
Basic recommendations for dealing with collectors, without rudeness and in accordance with federal laws.
Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new scams. We selected the most popular of them and made the top.
Banks and state-owned companies will be banned from using foreign messengers
Few people know that Google has special keywords and operators that help us extract specific information from their huge database.
We like to think that we are acting rationally, considering the elements of a situation objectively and drawing logical conclusions. But we are not as smart as we think. We like to think that we are acting rationally, objectively considering the elements