How to answer unknown calls

You need to correctly answer unfamiliar calls so as not to become a victim of fraud or identity theft. Some attackers use phone calls to obtain personal information such as bank details and passwords. They may also offer financial services or products that are found to be invalid or dangerous. Proper behavior when receiving unfamiliar calls will help protect you from potential threats and keep your personal information safe.

How to respond to unknown calls

1. We pick up the phone - scammers do not always call from unfamiliar numbers, at the other end there may be a regular courier delivery service or a taxi driver waiting under the porch. Also in our time, many social networks have implemented a two-factor authentication system that calls and tells you the code you need to enter your personal account. There are many options for who the caller is, so feel free to pick up the phone and move on to the next paragraph of the article.
2. We start the conversation with the word "Hello", which is the most neutral answer to an incoming call. If you are a very important person, you can pick up any other neutral word: "I'm listening", "In touch", "On the phone", "President". This is necessary so that your answer to the call in the form of "Yes" is not recorded and not used in the future to perform the same banking transactions, more about this in this article.
3. Do not provide personal information or verify your identity. If this information is required by a company that you personally know, it will be much better to go to its official website and call the phone number that was indicated by the contact. If you still decide not to bother and assume that you are being called directly from the firm. Ask a question about the identity of the interlocutor, with whom you have to talk, if the person is confused or completely refuses to give his data, then this is most likely a scammer.
4. Be wary of offers that sound too good to be true. No one will sell you a phone that costs 70 thousand, several dozen times cheaper. Be reasonable and critical in such sentences.
5. Take your time to make decisions and analyze information before doing anything. Think about whether your grandson, matchmaker, cat, neighbor had an accident without a car. Try calling the person directly. Find out exactly where the injured person is. Usually, after a few clarifying questions, the scammer buries himself.
6. If the number constantly bothers you, block it. There is no need to wait until your silent one finally starts talking to you, there is a blacklist for that.
7. If you receive a lot of unwanted calls, you can report this to your carrier or the national unwanted call registry.

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